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Puncturevine Weevils

Puncturevine Weevils

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1 unit = 250 weevils


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1 9 $85.00
10 19 $82.00
20 49 $79.00
50 + $75.00

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Puncturevine Weevils


Biologically control your goathead problems!

We have available seasonally, from July 1st to September 30th, the biological solution to these noxious weeds!

Female weevils chew into the side of a young (green) puncturevine bur, deposit eggs into the seed and seal it with fecal material. Females may deposit up to 324 eggs. Weevils grubs develop inside the seed and pupate therein. Each seed may produce 1-3 weevils. The life cycle from egg to adult requires about 25 days. Adult weevils may feed on the plant but do not cause appreciable damage to the plant. The number of generations per year depends on the climate. Adults overwinter in plant duff.

It is recommended that a minimum of 250 adults be released per acre on puncturevine in moderate infestations. Where major infestations are considered to be a factor, release rates of up to 500 adults per acre are considered to be appropriate. one unit = 250 weevils

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Shipments include a mixture of two adult weevil species:

Puncturevine Seed Weevil
Microlarinus Lareynii (Jacquilin du Val)
[Coleoptera: Curculionidae]

Puncturevine Stem Weevil
Microlarinus lypriformis (Wollaston)
[Coleoptera: Curculionidae].

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