How much do the puncturevine weevils cost?

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Do I have to pay shipping on each unit of weevils that I buy?

No! The shipping is $31.50 no matter if you place an order for 1 or 10 units of weevils at a time. There will be no appreciative difference in weight.
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How are they shipped?

They are shipped second day FedEx. Our shipping starts in June/July and ends September 30th. Because they are live they need to be placed out as soon as possible after receiving them.

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How many do I need?

The recommended rate of release for a moderate infestation is, 250 per acre. This number is doubled for severe areas.
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How do I release my weevils once I've received them?

You just sprinkle a few out here and there on the live puncturevine plant and they take it from there. I try to find a place that won't get disturbed, or has little traffic. This way you can manage your weevil population and keep those high traffic areas clean. You don't want to keep spreading seeds.
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Once I've released the weevils, how can I help them, with out hurting them?

I try to keep high traffic areas clean. Pulled plants will keep their seeds attached to the stems. If they are put into piles, the plants can dry naturally. This allows the larvae to pupate inside the seed and emerge on time, continuing it's life cycle. The plant must then be dealt with in other ways. I LIKE FIRE. Spraying with a herbicide would impede this process and would be less efficient compared to pulling. The thing to remember is: dead is good when it comes to goatheads.
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Will they survive the winter?

This will depend on your geographical location. The colder your winter climate the less the chance for survival. I have found many variables to the rule. For instance: If you have a lot of refuse or lots of ground cover, this will insulate hibernating weevils from the cold, thus increasing the chance of survival. Insects have ways of finding places to hide.
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How fast will they work?

This is an insect eating the viable portion of the green seed. This keeps the seed from sprouting. So everything you accomplish this year is carried over to the next year. And so on, and so on. You must have patience or you will be disappointed. Results will not be realized immediately. The seed bank in the soil also makes a difference in how long it may take. Results will vary, but the important thing to remember is Puncturevine Weevils are working even when you're not.
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Are these things gonna eat my other plants?

No. They are host specific. That means they eat puncturevine and only puncturevine. When they run out of food they will move or starve out.
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How far will they move?

Up to to mile per year is possible. The adults are winged and quite capable of flight. When food sources are plentiful the weevil doesn't readily move. They will most efficiently travel in the downward side of your prevailing winds. The larvae can travel for many miles inside the seed, stuck to an unsuspecting host, quite possibly emerging far from where hatched.
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